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D. Tours Travel is a special kind of travel business. We strive to offer our clients the best service possible, the most interesting travel opportunities, hotels and restaurants with character, personal attention to your interests and needs, and knowledge of the world that can be gained only through first-hand experience.

We charge a flat consulting fee for our time and expertise because we think we're worth it. We may not manage as many clients as a high-volume, low-service company, but our personal attention to vacation planning makes for very satisfied customers. Plus, our fee reduces our reliance on commissions so you can be confident that we work for YOU, not some giant hotel chain with sales incentives.

We have designed our business to be consumer friendly. You can use as much of our services as you wish, picking and choosing exactly what you need. Most of our clients ask us to manage airline tickets, hotel bookings, local transportation, and guide services. But if you want that balloon trip over Tuscany or that Mozart concert in Vienna, just ask.

Consultation Fee - $375 - includes 4 reservations*
Additional Reservation Management Fee - $40
Airline Ticket Service Fee - $75 per person

* Reservations are assessed on a transaction basis, not per person or per night. That is, if we set up a hotel reservation for you, whether you stay 2 or 20 nights or use 1 room or 3 rooms, that counts as 1 reservation.

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